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The Walk In Shower is a thing of breathtaking beauty, devoid of hinged doors, it is created by a simple but effective arrangement of standing panels to create a splash proof haven of light, air and water in which to relax. No more quick, uncomfortable showers in a small, box-like compartment. Walk in showers are easier to access, easier to clean and a lot easier on the eye. A staple feature of contemporary bathrooms. 
Abacus Building & Maintenance Solution’s will help you plan and design a walk in shower no matter how small or large your bathroom, plus we can cater for any mobility requirements you may have too. Our expert bathroom designer will help you come up with a walk-in shower installation that ensures all of your bathing requirements are met. 
Many people may not completely understand the main function of a wet room. Essentially a wet room acts as a fully sealed, waterproof box. This stops water leaks and dampness from entering other parts of your home. Wet rooms are ideal for home with smaller bathrooms, as they save space, and are also more practical for elderly people or people with mobility issues, as they are on the same level. Oh, and they’re super easy to clean! 
Aside from the clear functionality benefits of a wet room, wet rooms can also add a great deal of value to your home. At Abacus Building & Maintenance Solution’s, we will help you create a very modern and stylish bathroom, a wet room should definitely be consider! 
Abacus supply and install mobility bathrooms including walk in bathroom and Wet rooms in Manchester, Stockport and throughout the surrounding areas. 

Abacus Building & Maintenance Solution’s are happy to work through your plans for your Walk in shower or Wet room with you. 

We are always available to talk to you. If you'd like to get in touch call 0161 283 1624 or mobile 07966 478062 to organise a visit from one our team. 
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